Our Values

All Child Contact Centres in Northern Ireland are members of the Northern Ireland Network of Child Contact Centres. 

They are staffed typically by part-time employed coordinators and unpaid volunteers who are vetted and trained in providing an impartial and confidential approach at all times.

Child Contact Centres are housed in a range of different settings from freely provided facilities (often churches) to rented accommodations. There are 16 main centres in Northern Ireland with facilities provided in a total of 23 locations.

NICCC promotes the following values

Child Centred

Ensuring Safety

Independent & Impartial

Respecting Individuals

Preserving Confidentiality

Promoting Equality

Celebrating Diversity

Valuing Volunteers

To ensure the best interest of the children and families involved in contact, the NINCCC works in partnership with:

  • Court services
  • Solicitors
  • Social services
  • Parents Advice centres
  • Others relevant agencies

At all times centre staff and volunteers maintain impartiality and confidentiality unless a child, or anyone else at the Child Contact Centre, is felt to be at risk.